The Coast of Good Intentions

Michael Byers’ award-winning collection The Coast of Good Intentions tells graceful tales of achingly unresolved lives on the Pacific Northwest coast. Byers captures the lives of ferry workers, carpenters, park rangers, and adolescents leaving home, against a backdrop of crab factories, cranberry bogs, the fog-shrouded shore, and the Seattle skyline. A poignant debut collection, these stories are “richly peopled with compelling characters whose wisdom and experiences span the generations” (San Jose Mercury News).


Byers’s stories are imprinted with humour, intelligence and grace. This faultless collection’s resonances are universal, as is the author’s uncannily skilled turn of phrase. — The Times of London

This collection of eight stories is something any writer could be proud of and any reader moved by. They are the work of a 28-year-old, and that makes them even more astonishing. Michael Byers’ language, character range, perspectives, sensitivity, maturity and clarity are incredible and often profound. He writes about life, love, death, fear, isolation, bonds, will, spirit and, ultimately, hope. — USA Today

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