Percival’s Planet is inspired by the amazing true story of the discovery of the planet Pluto.

It’s 1928, and Clyde Tombaugh, a farmboy and amateur telescope maker, is stuck on his family farm in Kansas – and anxious to be gone. A thousand miles away in Flagstaff, Arizona, the staff of Lowell Observatory is resuming the long-interrupted search for Percival Lowell’s missing Planet X. When a chance letter brings Clyde to the observatory to join the hunt, he is thrown headfirst into the romantic entanglements of a young Harvard-educated scientist and his beautiful wife as she slips into insanity. The friendship that grows up among this improbable trio—and among the other seekers and dreamers in Flagstaff—inspires this least-likely astronomer to chase a missing world across an entire solar system.

A gloriously expansive view of Depression-era America, from the easy extravagance of the Boston Brahmins to hardscrabble rural life….Between the faultless storytelling and the juicy historical hook, it looks like a hit.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

For more about the true story of the discovery of Planet X, visit Finding Pluto.

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Percival’s Planet is published by Picador UK as The Unfixed Stars.